Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures in Homeschooling

                                  Homeschooling During an Election Year

Since this year is an election year, I really wanted to make sure that my children could be involved and learn about the election process through experience. I really believe that you learn better by being involved instead of just reading about a subject. I asked a friend who is running for a position in our state if my oldest son could help with her campaign.  This is a very important election year for our district, state and nation so it is a great time for him to be involved in making history.

The candidate asked my husband if my sons would like to come help her at the political party’s open house. My oldest son had another field trip scheduled for that day, but decided that he could go on that field trip next year because he would not get to help with an election such as this for four more years.

He and my younger son passed out stickers, flyers, fans etc. While he was there, he met our local politicians, business owners, TV and radio personalities, and our mayor. I was very proud as he put his hand out and looked everyone in the eye and stated his name. He is not perfect with introductions or speaking with adults, but this is one thing he is learning as he attends these events. 

While he was there, we were able to speak with various people about the benefits of homeschooling and   the benefits of socializing with people of various ages. We also got to show them how attending events such as this one was helping my son to be excited about learning the election process. 

He was very excited to speak with the Chairman of the (notice I am leaving out the party name) Party of Arkansas.  He told my son of how when he was a boy, he would decorate his bike with political stickers and flyers and then park his bike in front of the house so everyone could see it.  My son told him that was how his room was decorated. I told him that my son’s room looked like headquarters.  He was very excited to hear this and he asked if he could pin my son as an official (leaving out name again :) ).  That was the highlight of my son’s day. 

When we got home he asked a million questions. We searched for information on the internet about all the political parties and candidates.  We discussed the main issues and platforms. Needless to say he is very excited about this year’s election.