Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Homesteading in Your Neighborhood

 Come on a tour of our home to see how we homestead in the city. Then check out my article on Molly Green about creative ways that you can be a homesteader even if you live in an urban area. 

We have a small area in our yard that is suitable for a garden. We make the most of what we have with a raised garden. 

This is my line I use to hang some laundry. I also have a free standing  drying rack.

This is our shed. 

The climbing tree. 

This is the fun area where the kids like to play. 

The "river"

The "river"

I enjoy setting outside, drinking coffee and watching birds or a storm roll in. 

I love this sunny room. We use it for our pantry and various Farmhouse Decor. 

I make my own laundry detergent and dryer balls.

I enjoy making bread as well.

Various projects I am working on. 

The boys playing piano. 

Reading in our book nook. I am thankful that they enjoy activities other than computer games and TV. 

I love this picture of our home in the snow with the boys out playing. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my article for Molly Green.