Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Have a Productive Day

I originally  published this in January, but it is so helpful for me I wanted to share again.

Routines are very important. Even if you do nothing else all day, routines help you feel grounded and accomplished. 

·         Why I needed a daily routine:

1)      I wanted to start and end my day with a plan already in place.

2)      It freed my mind to focus on other things.

·        What daily routines I have:

1)      Morning Routine

2)      Afternoon Routine

3)      Night Routine

4)      Homeschool Routine

5)      Children’s Routine

(The boys’ routine is posted in the hall. It helps them to be able to do things on their own and to keep focused. )

·        How I decided what to include in my daily routine:

1)      I made a list of what I thought would be great to accomplish every day.

My list includes things such as:

Bible Study




Family Time

Reading a book

2)      Then I decided when it would be the easiest to accomplish each thing.  For instance, I knew I wanted to pray every morning and read a Psalm or Proverb so I assigned that to my   morning routine.                           

3)      Then I figured out how long it would take for me to accomplish my goals that I had set and adjusted my bedtime and wake up time accordingly.

·        How my days have changed:

1.      I am more intentional with my day.

2.      I get more accomplished.

3.      I have more energy.

4.      I have more patience.

5.      Our home is more peaceful.

6.      Our home has more consistency.

7.      Our home is more organized.

Extra Tips:

·        It is good to add fun and/or relaxing things to your routines.  For instance, I found that stretching a few minutes when I wake up and before going to sleep really makes me feel good.  So I added that to my routine. I also have lots of books that I want to read, so I added a few minutes of reading time each day. 

·        Make sure to write your routines and keep them in a place that you will see them. This will get you in the habit of doing it every day.

·        Try to schedule the same routine around the same time each day. This will help with consistency.

·        If you have a baby or toddler, you can still have a routine.  You just might have to be more flexible with it. I always felt better having a plan in place when I had little ones, even if I could not follow my plan exactly. You can add activities such as :

1.      Reading a book to your child

2.      Playing together with toys

3.      Free play

4.      Mommy/baby exercises

5.      Craft/or bake with your child

I am glad I decided to add daily routines in my day. Even when I do not get around to my to-do list for the day, I know I have accomplished a lot just by completing my daily routines. Also, with routines you are also living each day to its fullest potential!

What are some activities you will add to your routine?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Am Taking the Challenge!

That does it! I am so overwhelmed, and  it’s my computer’s fault!!!

Actually, it’s my fault because of the amount of time I am spending on the computer. I can tell that I feel drained and stressed when I stay on the computer for hours at a time.

I always feel so much better when I am away from the computer, even if it is to do something as simple as laundry.  So why do I stay plugged in?

Read more about The Unplugged Challenge and why I decided to take it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Turn Your Closet Into A Homeschool Room

This is a guest post I did in January for Teach Beside Me. I thought it would be a great time to post again since everyone is getting ready for school. This post is about how I turned a walk-in closet into a school room. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Simply Shakespeare Lego Challenge

                                                           Please be aware some links are affiliate links. 
We at Simply Shakespeare are excited to introduce a fun challenge and an exciting way to learn about Shakespeare.  My boys love Legos, so when I began introducing them to the plays of William Shakespeare they decided to use their Legos to make the characters and sets. This process has worked really well for them because it has helped them learn things that boys their ages are not normally interested in. I know it is sticking in their brains because they have started quoting the different plays that they are working on.

Our goal for this challenge is to teach you a couple of different ways to make stop action Shakespeare Lego movies. We are going to go one step at a time so that no one gets overwhelmed. We hope that once everyone understands how to make the movies that they will share them with us on our Simply Shakespeare page.

And as Rachel Ann Rogish says, "The purpose of Simply Shakespeare is to make the plays of William Shakespeare fun and accessible to all families of all sizes and ages everywhere! No matter where you live or what previous exposure you have had with Shakespeare, your entire family can enjoy the acting process together as you learn life lessons from the timeless tales Shakespeare gave to us over five hundred years ago."

Check out our first video here to get you started: Shakespeare Characters

You can also see us on The Roku Homeschooling Network.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Growing Up In God's Word (Bible Curriculum Review)

 (Disclosure: I have received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. These opinions expressed are my own.)

We have been studying Exodus this year for a Bible quiz we will be participating in at church. The opportunity came along for me to review a Bible curriculum  that focused on Exodus. I thought that this would be a great help in our studies. 

This book has been wonderful!!! Each lesson is designed to be used for 5 days of the week. It is suggested that you use it for 30 minutes to an hour each day. 

One of my favorite things about the curriculum is that both my kindergartener and 5th grader are using it together and both are gaining a tremendous amount of Bible knowledge. 

We have really enjoyed the lesson text and discussion. My 5th grader commented one day, “Whew!!! That is detailed stuff!”

They have also enjoyed being able to use their Legos with some of the lessons. One day they created a diorama of the parting of the Red Sea.

 Another day my younger son used Legos to show the three signs that the Lord enabled Moses to perform. He was able to present his sculptures later that night and explain to his dad what he learned during our family Bible study. 

The activities really help make the lessons come alive and increase our understanding of the Bible. I loved the discussions that we had while making unleavened bread. 


The boys were able to understand what leaven does and why the Israelites were not supposed to use it. When my older son asked if we could add pepper to the unleavened bread, we  talked about obedience and how when God told the Israelites to do something, they were supposed to do exactly as God commanded.

It is great that not only are my children learning, but my understanding of Exodus has increased as well. 

We are really excited that we found these books and cannot wait to purchase more!Click here to order this wonderful Bible curriculum for yourself.  Click here to find  Pryor Convictions Media on Facebook.