Look At What You Are Seeing

This blog title started as our family motto.  When the kids or I would be sad about something we missed out on, my husband would say, “Don’t look at what you are missing, look at what you are seeing.”   The saying became a way for us to focus on the good memories that we had made and not the things we missed.

Look at what you are seeing, has actually started to mean more to me in different ways.
It has become a way for us to realize our blessings and to be content with what we have. It also helps me focus on the little things I was missing before - small things I would have passed over in a normal busy day.

Now I live life more intentionally and fully.  This blog will be focused on Godly living and how to see the joy in homeschooling, homemaking, living naturally and living frugally.


  1. I love that motto. That's a great way to keep things in the right perspective! ;) Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Like another motto I heard recently: Listen with your ears!

    That saying has all kinds of implications.

  3. Love that motto...perfect inspiration for your blog title. Such a great reminder for all of us!


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