Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Simply Shakespeare Lego Challenge

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We at Simply Shakespeare are excited to introduce a fun challenge and an exciting way to learn about Shakespeare.  My boys love Legos, so when I began introducing them to the plays of William Shakespeare they decided to use their Legos to make the characters and sets. This process has worked really well for them because it has helped them learn things that boys their ages are not normally interested in. I know it is sticking in their brains because they have started quoting the different plays that they are working on.

Our goal for this challenge is to teach you a couple of different ways to make stop action Shakespeare Lego movies. We are going to go one step at a time so that no one gets overwhelmed. We hope that once everyone understands how to make the movies that they will share them with us on our Simply Shakespeare page.

And as Rachel Ann Rogish says, "The purpose of Simply Shakespeare is to make the plays of William Shakespeare fun and accessible to all families of all sizes and ages everywhere! No matter where you live or what previous exposure you have had with Shakespeare, your entire family can enjoy the acting process together as you learn life lessons from the timeless tales Shakespeare gave to us over five hundred years ago."

Check out our first video here to get you started: Shakespeare Characters

You can also see us on The Roku Homeschooling Network.

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