Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Building Memories

*I originally wrote this a couple of years ago but as my children continue to grow I hold it more dearly today. 

Building Memories

Yesterday I decided that, instead of doing anything else, I was going to sit in the playroom as my two boys played with their Legos.

Their imaginations soar when they are in “Lego world”. 

I watched them build, imagine, and laugh.

 I began to wonder if these are the times they will remember most when they grow up and have children of their own. 

When we all gather together at Thanksgiving, are they going to be elbowing each other remembering the football mini-figure who tripped on a brick running up the mountain?(Apparently this was very funny.) 

Or are they going to laugh as they remember fighting over the tiny brown hair they each needed to complete a character they were making? 

As their children come into the kitchen to help me make a pumpkin pie, are my boys going be searching the closets of their old rooms to find their Legos to relive this particular day?

I am so glad I stayed in there and watched a memory in the making. 

This is one reason that I am going to try really hard to unplug from my phone and computer more often this year

I do not want to miss great memories like these!


  1. What a beautiful reminder to stop for a moment, watch and enjoy the memories as they happen.

  2. perhaps someday you could bring them out to Legoland theme park too! i believe they will be superb excited! ;)

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