Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday "Yes! We Want to Build A Snowman!"

" Yes! We Want to Build A Snowman!" 

Last night  around 11:00 we had a surprise 5 minute blizzard!  I woke the boys up so they would not miss it!

This morning when they got up they asked to go play in the snow. We delayed our normal morning routine to have fun in the snow before it melted away.

They measured the snow! One of the boys said, "It's not even an inch!"

And yes, they even built a snowman!

I love surprise memory making times like these!!!!


  1. Such fun! When we lived in Texas, snow accumulation was scarce. So when it did snow a lot at night, we'd wake up our kids too and enjoy the fun. You never knew if it would be there for long in the morning, so the memories far outweighed the lack of sleep. Love your mini-snowman! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for visiting. I hope we get a bigger snow than this but if not at least we did get to build a snowman! :)

  3. How fun! Love their mini snowman

  4. Love the mini snowman - how cute is that and yes this is what memories are made of!

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