Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I have been working for a couple of weeks on decluttering and rearranging furniture. I am really excited with the outcome! My home seems so much bigger and it is so much more efficient. I have one more room that I want to work on this week, so let’s use this week to try to finish what we are currently working on.

In February I will start my post on deep cleaning and how I do it in as little time as possible.

While we are catching up and taking a break, let’s start a contest!!! The post I had with “Ain't nobody got time for that!” was one of the most read posts on my blog! I thought it would be great for everyone to share a time saving tip. So pick your most creative short cut for cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, etc. 

You will have two weeks to post your tips. Get your friends to “like” my Facebook page and “like” your tip. At the end of two weeks, February 13, I will pick the three tips with the most “likes”.

Those 3 tips will be voted on and the person with the most likes will win a $10 Amazon gift card. The lucky winner will also be featured on my blog. 

I am linking with Hip Homeschool Moms Give Away Day!!!


  1. One of my best tips for the kitchen/homeschooling is to get the kids involved. By the time my son was 8, he could make lunch most every day for the whole family. He used the stove with supervision -- and as his skills grew, so did his confidence in other areas. I was able to catch up on emails while I supervised from the counter bar area. :)

  2. When I clean our downstairs, rather than making dozens of trips up and down the stairs, anything that belongs upstairs gets set on one of the stairs. Then when the kids get home they have to take everything upstairs and put it away. Saves me a lot of time!

  3. My best home making tip is to make beds as soon as you get up in the morning. Most days I do this before I even make my way to the bathroom, and I have taught my son to do the same. IF I get nothing else done housework wise during the day, at least that is done and every time I walk past the bedrooms I feel like at least that is in order.